Friday, February 9, 2007

Paper Lantern Technique

I learned this technique through Technique Junkies, you can find out more about this amazing monthly publication by visiting should you decide to purchase a subscription or any of the CD's please be sure to tell her that Kyla Maestas sent you as she does have a referral program.

I believe the original submission for this technique was from Jan Tinklenburg, I could be wrong, I would have to go through my old newsletters to be sure. (I want to say it was Oct 04 edition but you can check her website to be certain)

Paper Lantern Technique is basically using the crimper on your main images for a neat effect... you of course stamp first and then crimp. In the original publication for this technique they used a black ink to add color and dimension to the ridges from the crimper. I most often omit this part of the technique. I have seen this most often used on the Asian themed cards, but I do like the effects it offers on other themed cards as well.

Here are 2 examples from SCS that showcase this technique without the variation.
* Paper Lantern Good Luck
* Calming Garden Paper Lantern

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Kristen said...

Thanks for the info!! I love to see all of your cute cards!