Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's No Wonder...

before photo
Stamping Chaos

I was talking on the phone to my dear friend Gina Pacheco yesterday, and one of the many fascinating topics we talked about (believe me lol we can talk for hours at a time) was our stamping spaces. We both determined that our spaces were in dire need of some organizing and tidy up. As you can clearly see my space is completely out of control.

I talked her into a friendly challenge to get our acts cleaned up and ready for stamping. It is no wonder I feel like I have lost my mojo... it is probably lost in the mess with a few other things I have not been able to find. While today is packed with activities, I am hoping to get this portion of my office cleaned and straightened.
Flybaby Crisis Clean

I am a flybaby (anyone else out there flying?) so my plan is to start my timer and do 15 minutes at a time until the job is done. Any guesses on how many times I will have to reset the timer? Flylady is all about flinging and donating items that are not currently being used... so watch out stampers... you are bound to see some fabulous blog candy coming your way very soon!
Out with the old... as part of my office flinging... I will be listed my retired sets and supplies on the blog this weekend. I have some great stamp sets that are looking for new homes.. be sure to check back. Want more info about Flylady, click here.
Not Alone?
Am I the only one with this kind of mess in my stamping space? Is your space in need of some clean up... I would love to see your stamping spaces... clean, messy or otherwise lol. Post a link so we can see where you stamp! I told Gina that we both needed to upload photos of our messes, not that I want the world seeing what I mess my stamp room is, but as a means of commiment. Will she join me in this insane crusade? Lets wait and see... to view Gina's blog click here, I hope we get to see some photos (hint hint miss Gina lol).


Kim said...

Believe me I've been there with the mess. Especially when I am getting ready for a club. Right now I don't have a mess since I am in the process of's all in boxes or at my dad's house so I have quick access to it! Good luck with organizing!

Jana Weaver said...

Thanks for the kick in the booty with this Kyla...I'm joining you and Miss Gina in this challenge to get our act cleaned up! :-) You can find my messy space here:

Many huggs,

Jennifer R said...

No, you are certaily not alone! In fact, I think you are quite normal! I can hardly find the bottom of my table sometimes and end up stamping on the top of a pile of things....not highly recommended!LOL
Jennifer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Anonymous said...

HELP!Somebody broke into my house and took this photo of my stamping space! Thanks for the inspiration to get things in order. Off to check out Flylady.

Peggy F

Martha said...

OK, I am in! I need to do this so bad! My blog is My room has been a work in progress for quite some time. I need to just do it. I don't have pictures on my blog but I am happy to send.

Lori said...

I joined this challenge with, Gina. I just checked out your blog and I love what you've done. How is your stamp room coming along? I would love to see some after pics. I am also a flybaby and you can check what I have done with my mess on my blog. 15 minutes at a time!