Saturday, October 27, 2007


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I have had a fabulous day, creating projects and ideas for my upcoming classes. I wanted to host a tag class to show off all the different things you can do for the holidays with rubber stamps. Here is a sneak peak of the projects I have been creating.
More details on the way, very soon!I will be posting more details about the projects in upcoming posts throughout the weekend.
Template and Instructions for Organizer to come!!
I will be constructing a word document with the instructions for creating the tag organizer (measurements etc), if you would like to receive this document once completed please include your email address in your comments to this post and I will gladly forward them on.
Off to ice my foot: I have surgery done on my toe last week, it has been extremely painful. I made an emergency appointment last night to see the dr to discover that the pain is coming from an infection...*ouch*. Thanks for stopping by!


InspiredByInk said...

Hi Kyla,
I would like instructions! Love the colors. Thanks for sharing and I hope your foot gets better!

Bobbie :)

Anonymous said...

This is adorable. I would love the instructions also. thanks.

shellpole said...

Hi Kyla,

I would be most interested in the measurements and directions...That set is absolutely gorgeous...Love the colour combinations. They are so striking!


nitestamper said...

these are so beautiful projects!!!!
love the colors and design !!!!

love your blog, too.hope you don't mind if I add it to mine.


Anonymous said...

LOVE your projects although I have been TRYING to avoid buying that stamp set... would love the word document please

Jerri Jimenez said...

I love your tag organizer and would love to receive the document you are creating with instruction. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful creations with us.

Sarah said...

I would love a copy of the instructions! Thanks for your amazing blog and all of the great inspiration!

Mary Campbell said...

This is great. I love it. Please share the instructions with me. Thanks,
Mary Campbell

Suzie said...

I would love the template for the organizer. I love your work and am inpired by the beauty,


Erin Vandervelde said...

Hi Kyla. I would love the template.

Thanks. Erin

Connie said...

Your organizer is awesome and I love the colors! Thank you Kyla...I'd love the template, too!


Kathy said...

I would love the instructions. Thanks so much for sharing! I can see lots of possibilites for this one!

Anonymous said...

I would like the directions for this. Your brain sure works differently than mine, don't know how you keep coming up with such cute stuff day after day !
Love everything you do.

Kathy Hilden said...

Hi Kyla,
Just absolutely love your project ... it is specTAGular!!!Please, please send me the template, etc. Can't wait to see a close up of the tags!! I love this set and planning on showcasing it for my next club meeting!! Your blog is always so INKspiring!! Thanks!!
Kathy ... stampin' in michigan

Cat said...

Kyla - love your nontraditional colors on the tags! And, thanks for sharing the template/instructions (when they're done). calail86 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Anonymous said...

Kyla -

I love your project - and especially the colors you chose.

I would love to receive the instructions when you have them completed!

Thanks in advance -


Jerri Jimenez said...

I forgot to leave my e-mail address in my earlier post. It's Thanks so much Kyla, we truly appreciate all the work you are sharing with us.

Penny said...

I love your project and would love to have the instructions. My email is:

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Love the project & would love the instuctions also,
Thank you!

GinaP said...

well that stuff is just too cute! Sorry to hear about the infection, Kyla - I told you to take it easy! Hang tough, sweetie.

Melissa said...

I would love the instructions too!

Many Blessings,

Jennifer Schmitt said...

Adorable! I would love the template. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.


Tracey said...

This is so clever - I'd reallt appreciate the instructions when they're ready. Thanks for sharing so generously.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful organizer. Would love instructions when ready..

Hope your foot is feeling better


Anonymous said...

This is just amazing. Please I would love the directions.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love the tag organizer and would love the instructions thank's feel better thanks again

Karen said...

Great idea and love the color combo Kyla!! Would love to get the dimensions - thanks for offering!!

Lori said...

Awesome! I would love to receive the instructions for the tag organizer. Thanks!

Lori said...

How about I leave my email address this time? :)

Anonymous said...

How adorable! Would love the word document to the tag projects using Punch Pals!


Julie (Joypup on SCS) said...

Love this project!
Thanks for sending on directions/measurements!
shannon.julie @

Kate said...

I would really love the instructions. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Great project. Would appreciate you sharing the document with me.
Kind regards

trisha said...

I would love some instructions on the tag project. They are so

Anonymous said...

I would love to get so instrutions on tag project please and thank you. philomena.

Jenny Peterson said...

I would love instructions, please.

Thanks in advance.