Thursday, March 8, 2007

It's a Stamping Day Today!!! (includes tips about Frayed Ribbon Technique)

I wanted to pop in and tell all my morning blog stalkers to check back throughout the day, today is a big stamping day! I am preparing swaps for a down line meeting I am attending on Saturday in UT. I also have a hockey themed card to create for my son's coach.. and if time allows I also have some ATC cards to create for a swap on SCS. Also to come very soon.... more Doodle That!!
Frayed Ribbon Tips: At a class I hosted last night we made a variation of Tuesday's Frayed Ribbon bunny card.... and I found a few tips that may help you in getting the look you want when using this technique. The best visual I can come up with refers back to childhood days of playing with play dough and various other mediums.... when I created the bunny's tail I took the frayed pieces of ribbon and rolled them in my hand as you would if you were going to make a ball with play dough.... continuing this process until I had just the perfect size (I trimmed several times to remove excess stands and kept rolling). To get a tighter ball with lots of density try creating the ball as mentioned in the last step, then take the same ball and pinch it between your thumb and pointer finger and roll it back and forth this way. Using a combination of these two steps will help you in achieving a very flattering bunny tail.

Another fun tip.... try applying chalk to the ribbon to add additional color, this also allows you the ability to create all 48 exclusive Stampin' Up!® colors of grosgrain ribbon.

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