Monday, May 7, 2007

Cards for Troops Contest.... More Cards Needed!!

Cards for Troops.... More Cards Needed!!

I have started to see a few cards trickle in but no where near the numbers I had hoped for. Hopefully we will have a flood of cards come in this week. If you haven't heard about the contest... you can click here for more information. There are some fabulous prizes, each of the winners will receive a special card from each of the judges (one of the best prizes in my honest opinion). Want to know more about our judges, click here.

If you do not have time to create a submission, remember that you can always donate your extra cards, swaps you are no longer using etc to the cause.

Cards can be sent to:
Kyla Maestas
3714 Madison Dr.
Rock Springs WY 82901

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SB said...

I do this exact same thibg ! Since the war started, I have personally sent over 12,000 cards to Iraq and Afghanistan. It helps!! I get thank you's from the troops...
I'll send a few cards your way.
And God Bless you for REMEMBERING your men and women in uniform. HOOAH!