Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cards for Troops Update!

I wanted to apologize for the delay in getting the contest completed. There are several reasons for the delay, here are some updates. All of the cards are here and absolutely beautiful!! Everyone did an amazing job with their projects. I am still waiting on one of our judges to send in her donated gift certificate and card prizes for the contestants, I know it has been a while but most of the judges selected are designers for various design teams and companies and are very busy. I appreciate your patience as we wait for the last and final elements to come together. I do not want to roll without this last judge because her work is amazing and I know her cards will be well worth the wait.

Starting next week I will be displaying some of the donated cards from the contest and will hopefully have the winners to announce very soon. Thank you to each of you who donated, all of the cards are beautiful. I am hoping to get the contest wrapped up in the next week or two and these cards sent off to the troops. Thanks again to all those who participated.... and thank you for your patience. After hosting an event like this I would do a few things with dates differently, it takes a lot of time to coordinate.... I did not allow for the time delays :). Hopefully the next one will go much smoother with all I have learned, I would love to bless our troops with some Christmas and Holiday themed cards to send to their families and friends.

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