Thursday, August 2, 2007

Which One Is It? *Contest*

Which One Is It?
Photo by Unknown
Images © 1990-2007 Stampin Up!

In checking out more photos of the Stampin Up! Convention displays, I discovered an old classic of mine. I created this card 2 years ago for a contest that Stampin' Up! was hosting. Can you guess which card is mine?

Contest Details:
When selecting the card you think was most likely created by me several years ago, use the following coordinates to explain the card you have selected. The first horizontal row above the top is labeled left to right with numbers 1-6. The first row running vertically down the side is labeled A-D. There will be one guess per person. First person to guess the card correctly wins a $10.00 gift certificate toward any item in the new Stampin' Up! Catalog.

Posting Your Guess: Please include the coordinates of the card and the reason you think it was created by me. My friends and family are always telling me that they can spot my work from 100 paces, even after all these years because there is something about the way I stamp.... I guess we will see if they are right. Best of Luck... the winner will be announced on Sunday!!

A Few Hints:
*My card is not one of the cut off cards shown at the bottom of what would be row E.

*My abilities as a stamper have changed a lot over the years, but most dramatically over the last two years.

*This card was featured on the Stamper's Showcase shortly after being submitted.

* I LOVE techniques, a lot of my current work doesn't reflect my passion for off the wall techniques but this may not be the case with this card.


olse0231 said...

I would have to guess B4, although I'm really not sure! I'm really glad to see you back and blogging by the way - I had missed all of your beautiful creations!! :)

Jessica (jessrose21) said...

My guess is B4. I think those boots are a stamp you would use. And I love them, so there's another reason!

Anonymous said...

I will guess that your's is in row C, second from the left (The one done with the fern stamp) I love your work & your blog!
Ilene B.

Vicky said...

I am thinking your card is 4- D, the one with the waterboots and the hearts coming out. I was just drawn to this card, is the only reason I think it's yours, that and it's so cute!

~pl said...

I guess B2 - you love flowers!!! I love seeing how someone develops as a stamper. Wonder if I will ever get better :) ??!

Kim said...

There were two cards that I was decideing between, but I think you made B4, the one with the boots and hearts. I know you like to cut things out and add demention. WELCOME BACK AND HOPE YOU HAVE YOUR STAMPING MOJO BACK!

Donna said...

A4 The boots is my guess, Kyla.


Julie (Joypup on SCS) said...

Could it be C3 -- just guessing!

michvan3 said...

Hi Kyla,
Enjoying seeing your convention display creations! I'm going to take a very wild guess and say D3 -- in case I didn't get coordinates right, the card with the baby on it. Looks like it is done with baby wipe technique, and the stamp set is one from a couple years ago . . . I think this guess is wild because this card isn't what I would consider your usual style, though (have to admit the card with the boots and shamrocks seems more you!).