Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Super Fling!!

Come on In... I am flinging today!
I would invite you in, but as you can clearly see there is a bunch of stuff blocking the door lol. I have made some great strides in cleaning up my stamping area, I am not completely done but I am making some progress.

A Place for Everything... and Everything In It's Place

I am on a mission... a much needed stamp room super cleaning mission. Its a work in progress... but I have managed to get all of my supplies and materials sorted and put away in their new spaces. Do you have a baking cupboard? I do... it houses everything I could possibly need for baking (spices, cupcake liners, extracts, cake mixes, etc), organizing spaces by function can speed the work process. Everything you need is quickly accessible, and helps contain the mess to a smaller area.

I have organized my stamping space in a similar fashion... each of the drawers have a function or purpose. The photograph above is my heat drawer, I have included all the materials I use for heat embossing and other heat related techniques in one space. I have several drawers that were organized around this same concept; example: my coloring drawer (houses my watercolor pencils, metallic pencils, pure colored pencils, chalks etc). I am 90% finished with the drawers and containers.

Amazing... you can actually see the table!

So what's Flinging? Flinging is the process of getting rid of clutter... things you no longer use or enjoy. I have taken out several large garbage sacks full of stuff, I have gone through all my favorite scrapbooking and card making magazines (I love magazines lol, its very hard to part with them) and I actually managed to get rid of a few (more details to come). In addition to the throw away bags I also have a container for items to give away, and items to sell.

I will be updating the items to sell list (post coming soon) daily as I have more time to fling! Be sure to check back for retired stamp sets and accessories. I will be adding them as I continue my cleaning mission.

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Melissa M. M. M. said...

You've inspired me to attack my room. (But I wouldn't dare photograph the state mine is in, LOL. Thanks for the inspiration! :0) Mel