Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Little Sidetracked

A little sidetracked....
any stamping SHE's out there?

Getting sidetracked is easy to do... I have a very hard time completing a task because I have a tendency to wonder off and do something else. I am undeniably a SHE. It doesn't matter if I am cleaning my house or cleaning my stamp room... I will see something out of place or something of interest and all of the sudden I am completely off task. This leads me to my most recent bird walk...As I was sorting paper today I discovered a Cosmo Cricket scrapbooking kit that I won during the Paper Crafts Card Idol contest.

I decided to open it for a quick look, first time I have had a chance to peak at what was insde. I have had this kit for months, and never taken the time to look. As I began looking I instantly fell in love with the patterned papers and accessories.

Next thing you know.. I had stopped cleaning.. and began punching out all the fun die cut tags and monogram letters and surfing for my favorite patterned paper. No more visions of my messy stamping room... but ideas of all the fun things you could create with this fabulous kit.

It was so much fun to get all the papers out that I completely forgot that I was supposed to be cleaning... and wouldn't ya know...

I went from daydreaming of fun projects ....to creating them lol. I started slapping paper on anything that would hold still.

Now, I may not have been cleaning my office like I should have lol but I decorated some fun things for my office. I created an address book, some file folders, and a CD storage container among other things! Check back for more details~ I have been sidetracked long enough... I really need to get back to cleaning lol.

~Have a fabulous day and thanks for stopping by to visit.


Jana Weaver said...

Glad to see you taking some time out to have fun while cleaning! Love these projects. And way to go on getting organized...looks like you're coming along great. Now if I can just get that last bit done in my room too I'd be thrilled!! :-)


Patti Gingrich said...

So glad you took a break from cleaning! Your projects are fabulous! And it will make you so happy to see them around your office. Take care Kyla!

GinaP said...

what the heck is a SHE?!!

Rose Ann said...

Congratulations on your win! Good for you for getting that kit out and using it! All of your projects are SWEET! Love 'em!!